miley cyrus

Cyrus was born in Nashville, Tennessee on November 23, 1992.She is the daughter of Leticia "Tish" (née Finley) and country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. She has an older brother Trace, a vocalist and guitarist of an electronic rock band Metro Station in California. She has an older sister, Brandi. The two were Tish's children from a previous relationship, whom Billy Ray Cyrus adopted when they were very young. She also has an older half-brother, Christopher Cody, her father's son from a previous relationship, but she has not seen Christopher since November 2007 during her concert at Fort Worth, Texas. Miley also has a younger brother, Braison, and a younger sister, Noah, who is also an actress. Cyrus was named Destiny Hope because her parents believed that she would accomplish great things.Cyrus was nicknamed "Miley" because she kept smiling ("Smiley") as a youngster. She is of part Cherokee descent.
Cyrus attended Heritage Middle School and was a cheerleader, but now goes to school at Options For Youth. She also has a private tutor on the set of her TV show. She grew up on her parents' farm outside of Nashville, Tennessee where she also attended The People's Church.

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